Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Random Ramblings....

This is the post with no theme......but who knows. Maybe a theme will appear.

I haven't posted for a long, long time. I haven't done a lot of things in a long time. And the sad thing is, that I haven't got a lot done in SL recently either. Of course, maybe I shouldn't be focussed on what I'm getting done in SL so much. It should be fun, right? Well, lately it hasn't been very fun a lot of the time. I've been DJing a lot which many think is too much work. They forget that I love music so much that it really isn't work for me. It's joy for the most part. I probably have two too many gigs going, but that can change quickly in SL. The nice part is I have a nice mix of different music I play. I do three rock gigs, two blues, two straight ahead jazz and one smooth jazz gig.

I'm trying to take the time to learn to build, but I'm not having much success. Between DJing and playing and spending time with those who matter, it's tough finding time. I'm also starting to put together a Shape Shop that will be run by Aeryn, in her never ending quest to overthrow Crighton as the main, and make him her subservient alt bitch. Ahhh...the inner battles that ensue with alt craziness....I love it!! Anyway, be on the lookout for Lovenkraft Shapes or something similar. I hope to be building soon too. I would love to learn skins too, but that looks hard...lol.

Last week, I was honored to help raise money for two worthy causes, which were both smashing successes. At The Bee Hive, with Kim and Blissie, I worked two nights to raise money for Relay For Life. The Date Auction was a blast, although I got so wound up I couldn't sleep and ended up missing work on Saturday....lol. Saturday night I DJ'd an hour for Blues For Autism, which was also a huge success. I want to thank Magi, Kim and Blissie for asking me to help. Hugs to you all, and I honor the love in your hearts that sparked this amazing week.

Bottom line? I've got some work to do to re-order my life. I've got things to do in RL that have been neglected. Yard work, inner work (meditation and yoga, etc) have taken a back seat and I must bring those back. I've been so unfocused, in RL and SL. Virtually no discipline and it shows. Instead of creating the world I want, I'm reacting to whatever happens. Story of my life. After I realized the possibilities in SL, I decided that I would use it to create, and then try to bring that also in to RL. I was successful for a while I think, but I've got off track recently. I think much of it has to do with stress and stuff that I have been ignoring. Well, I can ignore stuff for so long before it slaps me in the face and that is what happened this weekend.

And then there is the little issue of sleep, or lack thereof. I have got to get on a somewhat normal sleep schedule. Last week was devastating. In bed by midnight and up by 7am is my goal. God I love staying up late though. I think a lot of that has to do with my son being asleep and I can just really be by myself or with Jenda. Very selfish, I know.

Anyhoo, I'm posting a long and rambling blog, which should make Blissie happy...lol. See you laterz!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Job....depends on which day....

Your Job Satisfaction Level: 58%

Your job is about average. There are some parts you really enjoy, and some parts that stress you out.

It's possible that you need a small change. Maybe you should switch companies or positions.

It's also possible that you're simply burned out. No job is perfect, even a great one.

Give yourself a personal day to think about your career goals - and if your current job is helping you achieve them.