Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Phoenix Viewer

Well, in the never ending saga that is Emerald and third party viewers, one of the Emerald team has formed a group that is producing a new (based on Emerald) viewer called The Phoenix Viewer.

My previous post talked about the Emergence Viewer, which was created by LordGregGreg, from Emerald. Phoenix is much the same, and LGG has joined the Phoenix team. I'm guessing that he will no longer work on Emergence and will focus his energy on Phoenix. I have not tried Phoenix yet, but will do so later this week. I have friends who say it's pretty much the same as Emergence, which is not surprising.

On a side note, as of now, Emerald will no longer be allowed to connect to SL, so we're all going to have to find alternatives. I'm guessing that Phoenix will be mine, but I also want to check out another viewer called Ascent. Details forthcoming. :-)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


My previous posts detailed why I'm looking at alternatives to the Emerald Viewer. This last week, LordGregGreg, one of the trusted developers who left Emerald in disgust, released his version of the Emerald Viewer, called Emergence. This viewer is basically Emerald, except that he has removed some of the things that he found distasteful in Emerald, and also added some things he found useful. The download can be found here: Emergence Viewer and the download itself is in the right column of the page.

I would like to say, after you download it, please don't judge the viewer on the default skin. While I kind of like black and red, the icons bugged me, so I switched skins to something more palatable. There are quite a few skins to choose from, so don't be turned off because of the default skin. All your favorite Emerald extras are here, including the build tools, double click teleports, the fab radar, and of course, jiggly tits. :-)

I'm glad that LGG has given us this, and if you're an Emerald person, this is probably the viewer you want to use. Enjoy!