Wednesday, September 24, 2008

RL Blog Is Officially Active!

WhiteSail is officially active for the first time in, ohhh....about a year and a half. That blog will be geared towards RL issues such as spirituality, politics, general rants, music and that type of thing. This blog will be more suited to strictly SL subjects, unless I get confused and just post here, which could very well happen. it happening right now? I think it is. Quick, what's going on in SL......

Hmmmmmmmmmm.......Once I figure out what the hell I'm doing with my gigs, I will send a notecard out with my new schedule. I only have one question left at this time, and I should find out today.

I've had a lot of fun with Aeryn "channeling" Sarah Palin lately. If you're conservative, I'm sorry.....okay, I'm not sorry. :-D Here are some pics of Ms. Palin:

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


...but not big changes. Last night I DJ'd at Bistro Olive for the first time and had a wonderful time. I've given up two gigs and I believe another one will be going by the wayside also. I'm quite sure I'll be picking up another to replace that one, though. *winks at Parker*

So things are changing. A few months ago, I was DJing nine gigs a week, which is too much. I was having fun and making lots of Lindens, but I started getting burnt out. Then I have this problem of saying "no" and not wanting people to be upset with me. Another form of sefishness, really....

So, now, if things shake out the way I think they will, I'll have six gigs a week, which should be okay. That gives me more time to do the RL stuff I need to and the time on SL to dick around and have fun. I can always pick up another or do a special gig now and then.

And a treat to do with the topic of this post....Time by Pink Floyd

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Birthday!!! Blissie and Borday!! They've both got birthdays today and tomorrow I think. Well, not that they both have two birthdays...that's just stupid. But someone has a birthday today and the other is tomorrow. I can't remember. Anyway, happy birthday to two of my favoritest peoples in SL!! They are both just extremely fun and talented and smart people and I'm very fortunate to have them in my life. Wow, and it's been a year now...amazing.

Anyhoo, congratulations and happy birthday to you both!! Look forward to partying with you guys tonight, too.

Palin For President!!

Noooooo...not Sarah Palin. I'm not an idiot! ;-) I only support intelligent, caring and funny motherfuckers. So, I am using my vast influence of this blog to ask you to consider....Michael Palin for President!! I could give you many reasons why he is infinitely more qualified than Sarah Palin, or John McCain for that matter, I will let the video do the talking. :-)

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I'm trying to keep this a SL blog for the most part. But, I also by admission, know that SL and RL are not as separate (for me) as some people. In SL, Crighton is a younger and more athletic me. I am Crighton and Crighton is me.

That being said, this is my first political blog entry, because I'm fucking disgusted. And please don't get outraged by my use of the F word, because that is a non-issue, kind of like "lipstick on a pig."

I would like to start off by saying that I am not under the illusion that Barak Obama is some savior who will rescue us and fix everything that is wrong in our great nation right now. I do believe, however, with all my heart and soul, that he is the only person running for President that is fit for the job right now. Yesterday, Barak said "Enough!" and I say the same. In one twenty-four hour period, the McCain Campaign has stooped lower than anyone since.....oh, since four years ago when and honorable, if boring, candidate name John Kerry was smeared with lies and dishonesty by the Bush Campaign. In one day's period, McCain not only lied, saying that Barak made the "lipstick on a pig" comment about Gov. Palin, but also lied saying that Barak wanted to teach our kindergartner's "comprehensive sex education!" First off, both of these assertions are, as I said, outright lies. Barak was speaking about McCain's policies and about how they were no different that our current Moron-In-Chief's (I will not refer to Bush as President...he does not deserve that respect,) and that McCain was "putting lipstick on a pig." He did not at all refer to the lovely and talented Gov. Palin from Alaska. But McCain's campaign feigned outrage over this and wants you to be outraged, too. I'm outraged that McCain and his people think Americans are that stupid. Oh wait...apparently many of us are.....forgot about that.

Secondly, the program that Barak voted for was not to teach kindergartner's sex education, it was to teach them about inappropriate touching, etc. It was designed to teach small children about how to deal with child molesters! And in the ad, if you have not seen it, it portrays Barak as, at best, someone who wants your kids to have sex before grade school, and at worst, a pedophile himself. This is obviously not the case. Senator Obama is, however, someone who cares about kids

It's deplorable and McCain should own up to it immediately. If he did not know about the ad, and I'm sure he will play this card, then he has to fire everyone who knew and put this ad into circulation. That is the only acceptable action for him to take. And if McCain knew about this ad, then he needs to withdraw from the race, because America deserves better.

Some people say, "Well, this is politics. It's dirty. You can't hold them accountable and everyone does it." No, not everyone does it. Kerry handled his "swift-boating" with class and dignity, and he did not stoop so low. Maybe he should have.....but he didn't. Do you want to know why? Because he is a decent human being and so were the people in his campaign, unlike the crooks named Bush and Co. Granted, we learned from Kerry and hopefully Barak will, too. He needs to step up to the plate and call McCain on his lies, and do this with passion and zeal. Thank God, he is starting to do this.

Barak needs to remind us of why we are calling for a change. We have a war in Iraq that was started for corrupt reasons that has resulted in over 4000 American casualties, and possibly over a half million Iraqi casualties (mostly innocent, by the way.) We have an Administration in place that has enacted something called the Patriot Act that is anything but and is a disgrace to everything that America is about. We have rising unemployment and rising gas prices that are resulting in everything being more expensive. We are no longer respected in the world, in fact, many non-Americans regard us as stupid, self-centered and even a joke. Our health care system is broken. Our education system is broken. Our home owners are in serious trouble. We have areas in our country that might as well be third world countries and our infant mortality rate is higher than most other "civilized" countries. These are the issues.

McCain/Palin offer no relief. McCain/Palin has shown themselves unworthy to be our next leaders. They are painting themselves as more like us. Wouldn't you rather sit and have a cup of coffee with a hockey mom rather than the "elitist intellectual" who graduated at towards top of his class from Yale? It's much more fun to have lunch with a regular guy who graduated fifth from the BOTTOM of his class at the Naval Academy. When did it become a sin to be intelligent in this country? When did we become so afraid of smart people? I want someone smarter than me to be President. I've seen what happens when someone who is less intelligent than me, and we're all seeing that now. McCain owns ten houses and he is not like us. He doesn't understand us nor does he understand what it is like to have trouble making the next mortgage payment. Most of us didn't leave our wives to marry a rich chick who spends more on her outfits and plastic surgery than we spend per year on our mortgage.

Issues, that's what we need discussed, not feigned outrage over a perfectly legitimate comment. And certainly not outright lies and behavior better fitted to the bad buy in a mafia film.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm bored in SL..... some ways.

I love my friends and DJing. That's basically why I log on anymore. I recently, or not so recently, moved into a new house on my own beautiful private island on an open space sim. Lots of water, etc. I still have not decorated or furnished my house. I'm just not interested in that right now. I think I SHOULD be, but I'm not. :-P

So lately, I'm logging in to DJ and to take care of things that need to be done. And, of course, to hang out with my friends. The changes in my RL, which obviously color my SL, have been taking me through some ups and downs. Changes will do that, so I'm riding it out, and I feel good about things now. I feel like a lot has changed and I have a positive outlook. :-)

I'm sure when the weather turns....when it gets colder, that SL will be more attractive to me. I'm guessing too, that I will be re-inspired to do something special and create something or do something more than I am now. But I'm not pushing so much. I'm very excited about life right now, and I have not felt that way for a while. I mean, certain things excite(d) me, but life as a whole...not so much.

Bottom line, SL better save up it's energy for me, because I'll be back with a vengeance baby!! Unless I pull a muscle or something.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What I really need... another blog. Okay, not just another blog, but my OTHER blog.


My plan is this....I am going to use this blog for Second Life posts, and use the WhiteSail for other stuff. With everything going on in my life, and inside me, I'm looking at branching out some and doing more writing. Don't laugh...I heard that and it wasn't nice!! :-D

That's all for now. I just finished watching What The Bleep again and I'm feeling quite inspired. What I decided I would try to do long ago within Second Life, was to try to use it somehow to recreate my life within that platform. By DJing, which is bringing my love of music, in to my Second the forefront of my SL, my idea was that would help me to bring it in to my Real Life. While that has not happened yet, at least not to fruition, it has set things in motion in me, including the ideas set forth in this movie, which is pushing me to make major changes in my life.

One of these changes is to focus more on what matters to me. Music, friends, family, spirituality and living the life I want to live. In some respects, living the life I NEED to live. I'm not happy with my RL job at all right now. I work for a great company, but I hate the job itself. I NEED that to change. In fact, more importantly and more powerfully, I have CHOSEN to change that.

That's all for now, but I hope to have the other blog going again soon, if I can find out where my damn control panel is!! :-D