Tuesday, September 23, 2008


...but not big changes. Last night I DJ'd at Bistro Olive for the first time and had a wonderful time. I've given up two gigs and I believe another one will be going by the wayside also. I'm quite sure I'll be picking up another to replace that one, though. *winks at Parker*

So things are changing. A few months ago, I was DJing nine gigs a week, which is too much. I was having fun and making lots of Lindens, but I started getting burnt out. Then I have this problem of saying "no" and not wanting people to be upset with me. Another form of sefishness, really....

So, now, if things shake out the way I think they will, I'll have six gigs a week, which should be okay. That gives me more time to do the RL stuff I need to and the time on SL to dick around and have fun. I can always pick up another or do a special gig now and then.

And a treat to do with the topic of this post....Time by Pink Floyd


Parker said...

I do wish I could have caught your gig at Bistro Olive. however, sleep was greatly needed.

Tunage selection here is a good one.

Change can be a good thing especially when it is your decision. And yes, I have a nice spot picked out for you (as soon as it gets built) by the fireplace, on the mantel, bar-top (sorry, bar-top is my spot). You just pick your own spot.

And for those who believe this to be a rather cryptic comment, keep watching my blog for a new one to pop up real soon. **wink, wink**

bigd Flanagan said...

Crighton could you please play Childhood's End by Pink Floyd? Thanks!!

reslience said...

so does this mean I can tell Blissie she can put away the walker?

will you be at the olive for a while or should I worry? ;)

fun first night there Crighton - thank you! Mondays can be the pits and I'm glad you were willing to do Olive Rock n Roll!