Monday, February 25, 2008

You Say It's Your Rez Day......

.....It's My Rez Day Too, Yeah!!

One year ago today I made my first appearance on Second Life. My first exposure to SL was watching my wife have lesbian sex with some unknown avi while some pervert guy watched...lmao. I thought to myself, "This isn't The Sims...." And when she talked me in to joining, it was merely temporary, so she could get her 1000L referral fee. After logging in, I was quickly bored. I visited a sex club, and saw....noobie sex going on, which bored me. I walked around a lot, and was bored. And then I started searching for stuff. Very shortly, I found some live music events that were pretty good. Then I found one, Juel Resistance, that was very good. And on my first Saturday on SL, I found an AA meeting, which blew me away. Not only was it a good meeting, but there were genuinely great people there, which knowing AA's is not surprising. I realized then and there that this was not what I thought it was. I also realized that after toying around with the idea of being a character, that I would be myself.

Since then, I have fallen in love, become a decent DJ, bought land, had my heart broken in tiny pieces, made a ton of outstanding friends, been through a most frustrating experience with another person, been a complete asshole, made amends for that, bought more land, started creating, served in AA in SL,and who knows what is next. I've learned much about myself, good and bad. I've been a complete dick and a saint. I turned into a female avi as a joke and had so much fun that I created an alt who is sexy and beautiful, and no, she does not have sex with boys. That's just too weird for me. :-) And, yes, there will be a post on that "development" coming up. I will introduce you to Aeryn. ;-)

SL has, at times, swallowed up my RL. I am an addict, and I admit that. I'm grateful that I am aware of that and that when I go over the edge, I eventually catch myself and can pull back. I admit that if I could make a living, a RL living, on SL, I would do so in a heartbeat. I would love to own sims and to learn how to create and build and script. I would love to make a decent sex bed with great I would love to get involved in the SL music scene and promote artists who are talented and might not have the opportunity to play in RL.

I see so many possibilities in SL. That is part of what makes it so attractive. Maybe it's because I have become somewhat jaded in RL and I don't see those possibilities in the rush and clatter of everyday RL. And maybe, just maybe, SL can rekindle the co-creator in me that I know exists....that child of God, the "image and likeness" that can create the life in RL that I want. Abundance and love and joy. I get those now and then in RL, but it's not where I live. Maybe SL can help me find that, and if it does, then it is truly a magickal place, and not just an escape from RL. But maybe it can become a catalyst.

I am creating, or re-creating my island to help me in that venture. It is to be a spiritual place, that I will carry with me into RL, and that also comes from RL. Meditation, yoga, tai chi, Magick, love and joy and beauty. And I want to share it with you.

So Happy Rez Day to me.

*wishes and blows out the candles*


bigd Flanagan said...

Happy Rez Day Crighton! Rest assured that you are one of the "good guys" and it's an honor to have as a friend. Lesbian sex on your rez day? Damn, I kept flying into a tree on noob island and actually thought my hair looked good. I can't believe you saw Lesbian Sex.......sigh

Bliss said...

Happy Rez Day!

Sorry, BigD. I can top that. I logged out, couldn't figure out how to LEAVE Noob Island or find anyone that spoke English to me.

Didn't log back on for almost four months after that. LOL!

Crighton Johin said...

lmao at you two. That's funny stuff. I must admit, that I saw lesbian sex before I ever joined SL...and it was my wife, for the record. And she had this hair, that she was so proud of back then. No it makes her shudder. Ask her to model it for you

Joonie Jatho said...

Crighton, happy happy Rez Day! I am so grateful that you are a part of my journey. Who else would show me how to edit my ao? ;-)

Hope you had a fun day! You deserve the best.


Kimala said...

Crighton -
Happy Rez Day the day after :) I wanted to know if you and Jenda wore hats with sparklers on in RL as well as SL last night while celebrating?

I'm glad you're a part of SL - it wouldn't be the same without you :)

Jenda Starbrook said...

Kim, no we did not wear hats with sparklers on them in RL. That would be dangerous. Very dangerous with us. Heehee!

Happy Rez Day Crighton! Who knew that a blizzard would change our lives? It's been amazing (and I have to admit, frustrating at times) to see the two of us grow using this medium, but I think we're doing a pretty good job.

To my favoritest DJ on SL!