Tuesday, May 27, 2008


No, this is not about the classic Miles Davis album. Maybe next week....

I'm a firm believer in the concept that one day is really not any more important than another. But, being human, I need sign posts along the way to help me appreciate things. Birthdays and anniversaries are definitely such sign posts, and I've had a couple of these in the last two days.

Yesterday, was the Rez Day of two of my favorite SL friends. Kimala and bigd both joined the festival of fun and insanity that is Second Life a year ago yesterday, and we had a big party to celebrate. I had the honor of spinning the tunes and I really enjoyed it. I remember last summer, when I first started DJing my second regular gig was at One World. Very shortly after starting there I met bigd and Kimala. They were both very friendly and always had great requests. Kimala turned me on to The Cult and bigd reminded me of how good Johnny Winter and The Doors are, among others. Both very generous and smart and funny. Life is better with them in it and I'm grateful to be considered a friend.

Today, a very very good friend of mine has a special anniversary. Joonie is 17 years clean and sober today!! I'm so proud of her and so happy that I know her. We're kind of kindred spirits in a sense, as my 17th anniversary in AA is coming up in just over a month. Our recent paths are somewhat similar in that SL AA has kind of been our path back into AA. So, Happy Birthday Joonie and keep coming back!! You've been there when I've needed you and I hope I can return the favor!! While I do believe that today is just another day for Joonie, and July 2nd will be just another day for me, it is special in the sense that it gives is a moment to reflect on where we are, where we came from and how damn far we've come.

Then it is time to remember that it's all about today. I still need to take care of myself today. And today is all we have. Today is all that matters. And tomorrow, it will be the same. The eternal NOW. You want to live forever? Live today...just today. It's all there is.


Kimala said...

:) thank you C! and congratulations to Joonie! Woot!

Milestones are just any other day - but when the day in day out of life beats you down - you HAVE to take time to celebrate the good stuff. Celebrations remind us how human we are and how much we need one another - and how much we value each other.

Way too many days go by without telling people how much they mean to us :) Milestones give us that silly excuse.

Thanks for blogging C! Make sure Jenda lets you have an extra scoop of ice cream tonite! Hoo!

Parker said...

I lift my glass of milk with Kimala and offer many cheers and Yippies and Yeas to you and to Joonie.

We need those milestones to remind us and sometimes to remind others of who we are and what we are made of. for those who celebrate sobriety for one month or 17 years are made of more grit then John Wayne :-). If it had not been for the first step you took to this, you may not be here today. I, for one, an very glad you are both here today.

Crighton keep celebrating those milestones and keep celebrating the awesome life you have.

bigd Flanagan said...

Well Hell yes! It was a pleasure to have you spin some tunes for us. You are so good to so many people. Revel in that my man.

17 years for Joonie! That is also so very fine. Not really a milestone but a triumph of the human spirit. What a gal!

You know Crighton, you always give so much more than you take. Isn't that how you guage a person of distinction? I do!

Dig the music, love the guy. I do not know what else to say:). Tell Jenda to make it two scoops.

Joonie Jatho said...

Crighton...thank you so much for acknowledging my milestone! :) And for making it such a special day for me. It's friends like you that make my life so much better today.

Kim and bigd...what a fun party! So glad you are part of my SLife!

Thank you, Parker, for the well wishes! :)

Have an awesome day, everyone!
Love you C! *hugs*

Bradley said...

Thank you Crighton for letting us know about Joonie. I would never have known otherwise.

Btw, you're still spinning those toons as great as ever...except, of course, never enough ABBA.

Bliss said...

Wow..congrats Joonie and Crighton! :) Way to go.