Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back to reality....

Well....My fantasy of not ever having to work in RL has come to an end, and I must devote a fair chunk of my time to finding a job quickly, and then actually going to work. *sighs* The last weeks have been fun....and a complete waste of valuable time. I have blown a chance to get started on some things that I wish I would have. In fairness to me, I wasn't clear on what I wanted to do in the first place, so possibly this was an incubation period. The vague description of what I'm shooting for is graphics and web design, but obviously I have a lot to learn. I'd like to eventually ply my trade in music somehow, preferably in blues and jazz. We'll see...

Speaking of jazz, we have a fabulous New Year's Eve at the Bistro and Savoy last week, starting with bigd at the Bistro, and ending with Oggden, me, Nina and Iso/Hy at the Savoy. We had a ton of great music at the Bistro, and I even got to do my first Cowboy Junkies set, which was fun for me. Bigd was rocking the house most of the morning and afternoon, along with Tali, Ogg and I.

At 6pm, the party moved to the Savoy, where Ogg took the stream with a fabulous set of fusion and jazz. After that, Nina and I traded off with me spinning and her singing, and the house band was just pumping!! Kimala pulled out her U2 signature guitar, while me and Aeryn provided the rhythm to back her. The highlight of the evening was when Hy and Isobela shared the stream for a hilariously fun and touching evening of blues, together for the first time...again....heee. By coming "out of the closet" as a RL couple, they provided laughs and great music for the next couple hours until we all collapsed with exhaustion. All in all, it was a fabulous evening and a great way to bring in the new year.

And it is a new year....2009. While the last year, in some respects, has seemed to be somewhat of a failure for me, in RL particularly, I have to pick up and move on. I have to learn from these failures and see what are the lessons in them, and possibly find out that there are no failures, but only learning experiences. Hills, valleys and plateaus....that when viewed without judgement, provide the beautiful landscape of my life.

I will probably not have as much time to devote to Aeryn and her vampiric ways, but I hope to have some time now and then to engage in her little "hobby." You never know when you're going to end up in a bird cage, high above a frozen lake, captured by aliens...wondering when you'll be able to taste the sweet red essence of a fresh human.....*sighs* Fortunately she escaped to roam, yet again. She also went to a wonderful wedding of a vampire friend, that was truly the most beautiful wedding I've been to yet. And yes, I'm aware that I've traded pronouns and am possibly confused. :-P Confusion is part of my charm, Yo!

So, the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one. Exciting and scary and exhausting. What shall I create in this life of mine? Because, that is what it is....creation.....without limitations.


Parker said...

It will be a splendid year for you Crighton. You will be doingwhat you love to and getting paid to do it (in real life) by years end.

Bliss said...


ROFL! You said yo!

:) I own you now, yo.

Kim Flack said...

Crighton you have nothing but incredible things headed your way in 2009! Just think of all the energy you put into building Lovenkrafted Shapes, the Savoy, and your vampy lifestyle and honestly... there is NOTHING you CAN'T do! I realize your RL won't have the exciting wardrobe or easy clean up options... but it does have the same unlimited capacity!

Can't wait to see where 2009 takes us. And... might I add... that U2 guitar is one of my best assets. Maybe I need to hunt one of those down in RL :)

Crighton Johin said...

Thank you all...and Blissie, I stole Yo from you, Yo!!

Parker, I agree, good things coming soon!!

Kim, thank you for your support and reminding me what I've accomplished. I sometimes need that as I tend to be hard on myself.

No limitations right? What the bleep do we know, anyway? 2009 will be the year of being open to limitless possibilities! :-)

Kimala said...

/me looks at calendar. where are you karma king of plurk as well? blog post, anyone?

:) sorry - Parker and Bliss weren't going to harass you so I felt the need

Crighton Johin said...

Hopping right on it!! I'll blog again any day now!!