Friday, July 25, 2008


I've been sick for three days now.....eeek. Kind of a mild flu thing. You know I'm not right when I don't log in to SL until almost 4pm. I sat on the couch and took it easy for most of the day. I got a live singer lined up for next Friday though! The fabulous Inchino Melson will be singing at the Savoy Jazz Club next Friday at 2pm! I'm very excited. This is my first real project in the Savoy other than DJing and lending my sparkly personality to the club. She will be fabulous, I'm sure!

Other than that, I'm really being kind of scarce on SL this week. Next week, I need to get Aeryn busy on some new shapes and putting some freebies out in the shop. I also need to actually put furniture in my new I'm such a slacker.

Oh well, I'm off the shop...RL that is. Groceries, in case you are thinking something exciting. See you next week!!


bigd Flanagan said...

Can you pick up some of those ice cream novelties? Drumsticks! No, wait those 50-50 bars are good. Look and see if they have any of those popsicles made out of root beer.

Crighton Johin said...

We got Banana Pops. Hope that works for ya.....


Parker said...

What kind of things do you boys eat in those foreign countries you live in? Just make your own Popsicles. It is easy and a whole lot cheaper and healthier.

Feel better real soon Sir Crighton.

Freebies? Did he say the "F" word? Can't wait.

Bliss said...

Eat a cupcake.

Cures all troubles.

Kimala said...

Hey! Please don't help Aeryn decorate her apartment just yet... make her move into Crighton's house :) (yes, ok, I have alterior motives...) I have used all her PRIMS next door! But if you must you must and I will comply.

Hope today finds you feeling better C -but selfishly - I'm glad you had us to enjoy Saturday field trips with!