Wednesday, October 22, 2008


People always ask, What is Second Life? For every person answering, there is a different answer. I suppose that this is because SL is just a different life. My answer is that Second Life is a mirror of RL. Some would argue that, "No, my SL is different. I do RP and my SL is not at all like my RL." On the surface that could be true, but I believe that we bring ourselves into SL and that if there is something that appears to be vastly different, it may be something that is within is that we have not noticed before.
I have an alt named Aeryn, and I am obviously not a female. I am not confused about my sexuality, but I created this alt and found a part of me that enjoyed it immensely. I'm a firm believer that we have aspects of male AND female within us, and it behooves us to acknowledge them both. I believe that is what meant by the Biblical passage that a man shouldn't sleep with males means that we should not stay to close to only our gender....that we should embrace the female within us, or viceversa.
I usually am more apt to be found doing something more spiritual with Aeryn than Crighton, as Crighton is usually more social. This week I was looking for Asian/oriental stuff and found my way to Buddha Art in SL. That is where the first two pics were taken. The second two were taken at a Japanese skybox that I've fallen in love with. Meditation is a big part of my spiritual life and it is reflected in many of my choices to decorate the places I've lived in. I always have meditation cushions and Buddhas and I love my tai chi balls, too!
So SL mirrors my real life. That is obvious, as you'll find me listening to live music or hanging at clubs that play the music I love. My SL work is DJing and playing the music I love for people who have found it enjoyable, also. And I also find myself drawn to anything spiritual and zen. If I had a sim, I would make it something very spiritual and would hope to have classes and groups made to join together. One of my dreams in RL and SL. Yet another mirror.

What is my point here? Well, other than an observation, my point is that I have always wanted to use SL as a catalyst to do some things in RL that I either have not been able to achieve, or that maybe I didn't realize were within the realm of possibility, until I saw that possibility arise in SL. A RL career in music and/or healing? Being more social and a better friend? Creating my own reality, and by this I mean CREATING my life anew. These are all thoughts that arose from past training and learning, and also from seeds that seem to have been fertilized by SL itself. Mirrors, indeed.


Kimala said...

the mirrors SL can provide are incredible. I agree - it offers us all a chance to hone in on things we have forgotten about in our day to day RLs. Thanks, C... I mean Aeryn... I mean..

Parker said...

Sometimes Second Life mirrors my real life so well it almost scares me.

I have often thought it would be great for Aeryn to have her own blog. However, I know how difficult it can be for Crighton to maintain this blog. So I will have to be satisfied with the rare times Aeryn comes in to take over,