Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Short post and I may add to it later, but Nina Brandenburg sang live for the FIRST damn time at The Savoy Jazz Club today and she just blew us all away. What an amazing performance....first time out of the gate. Technically near perfect, and great phrasing and style, and she has a great feel for jazz and blues....improving and embellishing to match the songs. Oh, and her song selection was fantastic, too. She sang Ella Ticket-A-Tasket, Diana Krall Peel Me A Grape and Frim Fram Sauce, I Will Remember You by Sarah McLachlan and Stay by Sugarland. Her finale was the best I've heard with two Eva Cassidy styled versions of Imagine by John Lennon and Somewhere Over The Rainbow, which actually choked me up and brought on tears. Amazing performance and I'm sure that it's a matter of time before she hits it big in SL.

God, I was just speechless, and that NEVER happens!! ;-)


Parker said...

I do hope you will have her back when I can attend and enjoy.

Nina Brandenburg said...

*blush* Ummmmmmmm. Now I'm speechless!