Saturday, October 25, 2008

Why So Many Pet Peeves?

I was browsing the SL forums the other day, and something struck me. There is a lot of shit that bugs people. I mean, stuff that to me seems quite unimportant that other people just do not tolerate.

*Hoo's, howling and gestures in general.
*Unsolicited group invites
*LM/notecard givers on parcels/shops
*DJs that don't talk
*Djs that talk too much
*ASCI gesture spam
*Any type of RP

....and on and on and on.

Some of this stuff I do. I Hoo! I admit it. Most of my friends Hoo! Sometimes we get carried away. I guess I fail to see what is so bad about it. Same thing with howling. It's kind of a show that we're having fun and since most of this occurs at clubs, we ARE having fun. So why does this bother people? If you're in a RL club and having fun and let out a whoop or two, is that wrong? I have come to the conclusion that some people really do not want to have fun. Gestures? They can be a riot, when used properly. I love a few of my gestures, especially my Buffy gestures. :-) The one thing above that does bother me are the large ASCI gestures that take up a whole screen. I am not a fan of those, but while they may be a bit irritating, how big a deal is it really? A LM giver? Oh man, you mean I have to click Decline to not accept it? Man, what a bother. That's way too much work for me. *sighs* Same thing with group invites. I get them all the time. It's a simple decision. Do I want it, or don't I? Spam is when I get penis enlargement emails from someone I've never met before. A group invite I receive from frequenting a club or store I have visited and if I enjoy my visit, I'm happy to accept a group invite if I can fit it in my 25 groups.

All the serious stuff going on in our world upheavel, wars and death, etc....with all that, how is a vampire asking me to bite them going to be such a big deal that it would make me spout hatred and stupidity? This is SL, and it's not really a bite. If Hoo's bother you that much, mute the offender or leave the club. But remember this: If little shit like that bothers you, who's next? Because you can't make everyone behave the way you would like them to behave. Ramana Maharshi said, "Rather than cover the earth with leather to walk on, it's easier to make shoes for my feet." What that means, if little shit bugs me, maybe it's a sign I have some issues I need to work on.


Saiyge Lotus said...

Amen :)

Joonie Jatho said...

Live and let live....

pretty much says it all, imo.

great post, thanks C!

Parker said...

Well since I am the only person in Second Life who doesn't HOO, I guess that makes me your only friend who doesn't. does it bother me when others do this? Only if it is over kill. The same one or two people HOOing so many times in a row that it fills up my screen. It really hurts the ears.

Pretty much this list is a bunch of nuisances at best. Pet peeves should be reserved for things that are actually worthy of our energy. Mine happens to be abuse. Any time someone takes advantage of and/or hurts those who are in a weaker more vulnerable position (i.e.: children, women, animals, etc.)

I might get annoyed when a certain groups sends too many notices or IMs, but if I get too annoyed, i just leave the group. I could add to that list and say that people who complain about the most mundane things is a pet peeve of mine. ;-)

Joonie Jatho said...'re it! see my blog for specifics. :))) *hugs*

reslience said...

if people let little things like this get to them in SL... the question I have is... what the hell are they like in RL? most likely... they are people that are kinda difficult to get along with? maybe, just maybe? You know... the one who goes around behind you straightening up or the one who has to tell you exactly where to put what and when? Life is short. Take a breath. Let out a hooooo even if it is a whisper of a hoooo and just enjoy.

Lots to be grateful for. Lots to love. WAAAAAY tooo short to spend time complaining. Besides... last time I checked... wasn't this something we CHOOSE to log into and CHOOSE to participate in? I am fairly certain there is an off button and a mute button - both things that some days my RL is severely lacking.

Honestly... my one horrifying experience involved a sighting of a unicorn... let me leave it at that and make note I chose to fly away.