Thursday, January 17, 2008

An Era Is Over.....

I quit my DJ job at Popeye's Beach Club this week. It was basically my first steady SL DJ job and I am grateful to the owner, Gruran Solomon for the opportunity he gave me. There has been a lot of changes there lately. First, Skinkie Winkler, who was managing the club, took over as owner. Then she quit altogether, giving control of the club back to Gruran. I had recently split in a long term (by SL standards) relationship with Skinkie, so there were a lot of twists and turns within this whole thing. It has been a very hard decision for me to make, and I had put it off for a month or so just because I wanted to make sure I was not leaving out of anger towards her. But when she left, I knew that it was time to go.

I have a lot of memories from the club. It was a place that I went to to get to know Skinkie. It was the place I learned and practiced how to DJ. I've met so many friends there.....Bradley, Kimber, Carly, Sapphire, MattRess......and I love them all.

Weird thing about Popeye's? No tips there.....I mean, it was I'm not in DJing for the money, although there is definitely money to be made. But I like to have the freedom to play *my* music. I'm sorry, but I'm not playing At least not a lot of crap. I love playing music and having someone ask, "Who is this? This is great!" I love having a two hour gig and having so many people there staying and we just keep going. I love being a half an hour over, and after playing rock, hard rock and blues....and just having my friends around, and moving into some chill music....Morcheeba and Dido and Delerium and Dead Can Dance, knowing they like it too. (It's also good sex music, and strangely no one chats at this time....)

And lastly, I love picking the music with a purpose. By that I mean making some sense in the order and selection of the songs. Sometimes I don't even know concsciously what I'm doing, but knowing it sounds good, at least to me. Brad told me that DJing well is an art, and I'm not sure that I'm an artist, but I know I don't pick songs out random, at least not when I am into it.

So, an era ends, and a new one begins. I am looking for two new gigs a week, and the last time this happened it took me all of two days. If only I was this successful in my RL

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Kimala said...

I have always said you must dream in song. You have such talent for what you do. Thank you for all the hard work you put into sharing your talents with the rest of us on SL. I know good things are around the corner - they always are for you! :) Kimala