Thursday, January 31, 2008

Griefers Gone Wild....and what is God's will?

I know griefers are a part of Second Life. They are a part of Real Life. Anywhere you go there are idiots who think it's fun to cause trouble. Fortunately, most people are good and decent. Man, lately though it's been something else.....

A few weeks ago I got griefed on my own land. I gave the idiot one warning and he did it again so I AR'd his ass, resulting in a seven day suspension from SL. Lately though, we've had a rash of people griefing the AA meetings I go to in SL. Last week, they hit two that a dear friend of mine was chairing. Then this last Tuesday, I had a couple girls early in the meeting creating a distraction. They finally got bored and left. We usually do not eject or ban in this type of situation. It is AA and we believe that if someone is there, they are there for a reason, no matter what reason they think they are. It also can piss a griefer off and then they come back again with more friends, etc. The best policy is to ignore and mute them.

Tuesday, however, after the initial non-event, I had another guy show up and was doing the ol' drinking a beer with the falling down drunk animation. Usually I will just IM the person and ask them to leave or tone it down...basically inform them of our protocol and ask that they respect it. But, I didn't then. I saw that someone had crashed and didn't know if it was just SL or something else. We had a couple newcomers in the room and I did not want them to feel threatened in any way. So I ejected him and banned him right then and there. After he was ejected, I IM'd him and asked him what he was thinking, to which he replied with two question marks. I told him it was an AA meeting and that I had serious reservations of what he was doing in there with that animation, and that it was disrepectful to our group. He apologized and said he didn't know it was a real AA meeting. I told him all we required was a bit of respect on his part and he apologized and said we had it now. I took him off the ban list then and he went on his way.

What is God's will? In any situation, really? I had a friend give me a ration of shit about me ejecting the guy. Her point was that maybe he was supposed to be in that meeting. And I can respect that, I really can. But if I'm in a meeting, and pray before hand, maybe God was working through me ejecting the guy too? I'm not sure, to be honest. And I like it that way. Anytime I hear someone who is sure that they are doing God's will, I run the other way. Bad things usually happen about that time. The thing is that it was a difficult situation and I was there. It really pisses me off that someone who wasn't there is going to lay a judgment on me about how I handled it. And then to act like they know God's will in that situation? Preposterous. Not my shit though. I take up the mantle of determining what God's will is enough, and I don't want that job. Not qualified anyway, although it is fun to watch others try it on. Same results. Pray before hand and do what I think is best. Then, if I make a mistake, make amends and be done with it. Easier said than done,


Joonie Jatho said...

hahahahaha!'s not funny, I know. but I know that feeling all to well. Some people just think they're more perfect than others. They aren't, but they think they are.

I don't know who this was, and it doesn't matter. My experience with this type of thing is similar to yours. RUN!!! LOL And try not to get any on you.

big hugs - JJ

Kimala said...

You give me a lot to think about C - My grandfather used to always say he would be suspicious of businesses or businessmen who had to advertise their faith - by including a symbol on their business cards, or in the naming of their businesses. He would say it usually meant they had something to hide and needed to hide behind it for some reason. Faith and a relationship with God is such a personal experience.

I agree with just trying to do your best - it does seem pretty preposterous to think anyone would really know God's will. I think the best we can hope for is that we try to be open to whatever life hands us and pray God gives us the strength to do the right thing. And too true - so often - when we don't do the right thing - to just make amends and move on. Kinda comforting to not feel we have to be perfect. Second chances are an important part of life.

bigd Flanagan said...


If you are truly acting in god's will, why would anyone have the audacity to put their own seal of approval on the act? Its an action thing not a dialogue path.
You act, you don't talk....

btw, that person was utterly tasteless