Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Island Got Bigger!

I had two women tell me last night, "This is HUGE!!" *sighs* They were talking about my island. *sighs again* I purchased the land next door to me and connected it to my current land, making one big island now. I'm very excited about the possibilities here. It gives me more space and more prims. I've been very much inspired and influenced by my neighbor, Bev's, plot where she doesn't have a house. It's basically a big garden with a small open structure. It's very beautiful and that is what I'm shooting for.

I'm also looking at making some type of Zen or Magickal statement, possibly both. I'm thinking a garden with the four elements in their corresponding directions....maybe a zen rock garden somewhere. I had a friend who made a waterfall with a cave behind it, and that sounds cool. Many possibilities, and never enough prims to go around.

Anyway, last night much silliness ensued as my land was empty and Kimala came over. We raced shopping carts and Snorses and I even took a Fred Flintstone car for a spin. The Bedrockmobile didn't handle well though, and I ended up in Bev's yard. We laughed and went with the Snorses....they are slower and handle

So, I'm excited to build something, but today is chore day...RL that is. Damn RL! Always infringing on my SL!!

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Joonie Jatho said...

congrats on the land..

and thanks for the post :) I'm fine...just need a little break.

*hugs you tight